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Modernization of the Building Stock - EU recommendations

On 21st of June 2019 the European Commission published a series of recommendations on the modernisation of buildings in the Member States. These recommendations are in response to the request of the Member States for guidance in respect of building automation and controls systems, e-mobility and inspections.

Statistics show that the building sector is the single largest consumer of energy in the EU with 75% of the EU’s buildings being energy inefficient.

The solution is modernisation and refurbishment of the building stock. The key role in the transition to a smarter, renewable – intensive and decarbonised energy building systems and long-term climate neutral economy is upgrading the existent property stock, updating and implementing the new EU regulations regarding any new buildings.

The main document and legislative instrument in EU containing recommendations on building modernisation and renovation is the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) 2018/844.

On 16 May 2019 the European Commission published a number of recommendations on building modernisation and renovation. The aim of the recommendations and guidance documents is to ensure an understanding across Member States in regard to transposing the legal effect of the directive itself without alteration of the Directive's provisions.

The European States took the first steps in updating the domestic legislation by revising the EPBD first dossier in Clean Energy which enters into force on 09/07/2018. The new and revised provisions of the directive must be transposed into national law by 10/03/2020.

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